Abiding With Jesus This Christmas: Prayer Guide [Resource]

04 Dec


In the busyness, activities, and challenges of Christmas, our need to abide in Jesus is even greater. 

This Advent, consider this invitation to intentional prayer: an invitation to abide, an invitation to have our deepest need met by Jesus.



Stella Ma has written a Prayer Guide to anchor your soul in God's presence. We invite you to check it out and consider committing to this prayer practice throughout Advent.
Part of Stella's introduction to daily prayer rhythms and a sample prayer from the book are available to you for free, here on the blog. You'll find links to order the complete prayer guide at the bottom of the post.
See the Prayer Guide Sample
Read Stella's thoughts on prayer in a busy season, shared in the above video...
Perhaps you desire to live differently, a life more centered on Christ, especially this Christmas. Perhaps, you like me, have a hunger for a deeper connection with God in the midst of a busy life. Perhaps you have struggled with tiredness, distraction or discouragement in your spiritual life.
Instead of letting culture and other pressures dictate your priorities and life, why not consider making a change by adopting a daily prayer rhythm this Advent season? 
In the busyness, activities, and challenges of Christmas, our need to abide in Jesus is even greater. 
Having a daily prayer rhythm creates a track where we can pause daily to connect with God. This prayer habit can anchor us and align us with God’s heart. It allows us to experience God with us, and in us. It reminds us that he is constantly at work in and through us. 


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Prayer Guide: Growing a Christ-Centered Life by Stella Ma is available in paperback and on kindle at Amazon.


It's also available as an app for android devices. Search "Prayer Guide Stella Ma" in the Google Play store.


ABOUT: Stella Ma is a member of Imago Christi, a CRM ChurchNEXT team that invites Christian leaders to a deepening and transforming relationship with God through spiritual formation.

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