A Mentor, a Gatekeeper, and a Movement: DBS Spreads at University

09 Jan


Is it possible for just one person to launch a gospel movement—a wave of transformation that comes as person after person and group after group begins to boldly follow Jesus?


And, No.

Movements happen when God works alongside a person to impact other people. To take full effect, many people have to get involved. But the effect of just one person—the catalyst—is profound. That one person can be like the domino that starts a chain reaction even bigger than they anticipated. Around CRM, some of the catalysts are folks we call movement mentors. Movement mentors are those who intentionally pursue others to see the good news of Jesus sweep through their communities and networks. Some are on staff. Others work alongside us.

Here’s a story of one mentor, Josh, who saw a movement of hundreds of students invited to know and follow Jesus in a place where other believers (and other ministries) weren’t being allowed.

Josh intentionally sought out the student life director at a prestigious university in his city, one that had barred other ministries from direct work on campus. After speaking with Josh, the director expressed openness to running a pilot program of Discovery Bible Studies in the small-group network the university was trying to create. Josh trained some of the student leaders in how to lead a DBS, and things took off. There were soon several discovery groups going on campus, with students digging into scripture, asking what it revealed about God and man, and how to apply it to their lives immediately. Despite the barrier to “evangelistic” ministries coming on campus, many students were now engaging directly with scripture and being challenged to respond to what they discovered about God through these DBS groups.

In a recent follow-up meeting with the director, Josh learned that the first year trial of Discovery Bible Studies has been such a success that the university is now going to incorporate it into their entire small group program. This means that hundreds of students will be interacting with the message of Jesus in a very intentional way. And it all started with one movement mentor approaching a “gatekeeper” to the community—a person of influence that was ready to open up her network to Jesus.

One movement mentor, plus one person of peace, plus God’s Spirit at work, equaled a huge open door for gospel movement!

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