2017 Project #2: Disciple Making Movements in the US

16 Dec


As we prepare for 2017, we are investing effort and resources into three distinct areas. The first, highlighted last week, is to launch new teams and open new countries, to be part of God’s work of reviving post-Christian Europe.

The second area of investment is our project to start Disciple Making Movements in the US.

In North America, we are currently seeing signs that a gospel movement is beginning to gain traction in Boston and in Dallas as ordinary folks learn the simplicity and power of the Discovery Bible Study method from our CRM teams on the ground. From surgeons at a hospital to employees at a local Home Depot, many are eager to be a part of this movement that is gaining momentum. People are experiencing God for the first time, committing their lives to Jesus, and sharing the good news with their friends and family. In the coming year, we are committed to starting similar movements just like these in cities all over the US.

CRM has identified specific challenges facing our teams and the gospel movement in the US. To support the success of these teams in 2017, we will focus on these areas of strategic need:

The type of prayer needed to undergird these gospel movements is not just another task to check off. Rather it is prayer that is strategic and “movemental”; prayer that understands that while the conflict may be spiritual in nature, it can have real and measurable impact in the physical world. We will continue to train and equip emerging leaders and teams to engage in the kind of prayer that is foundational for gospel movements to take place.

While Disciple Making Movements have taken root and grown rapidly in countries all around the world, the same is not true in the US. As our staff work to create opportunities for the good news of Jesus to spread in these challenging contexts, they take on an “experimental” posture, learning by doing, discovering new ways to reach people in this ever-changing cultural environment.

Genuine movements are not hierarchical. They are almost always led (and served) by humble, selfless leaders with “boots on the ground”. Instead of taking “ownership” of this ministry, CRM will continue to empower others and partner with those leaders who are actively engaging in the work of movements, focusing on what God is already doing and on building his Kingdom, not our own.

In North America in the coming year, our objectives include:

  • Stronger supporting infrastructure
    This will provide necessary services for the growing movement in urban contexts (recruitment, communications, training, support raising, etc.).
  • Formation of regional leadership teams
    This will be made up of key leaders that give oversight to designated regions throughout North America.
  • Greater depth in local ministries
    Deepen our work and its impact in our existing locations through the formation of more teams, leadership training and mentoring.

Would you consider a special year-end gift to support our efforts launch new gospel movements across America? Your generosity makes it possible for us to launch these new teams, equip and deploy new staff, and invest in the critical systems that support this 2017 project.

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