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29 Aug

Movements Through Mentoring: Raising Up the Next Generation of World-Changers

“I have a basic philosophy: If I can help you win, then we all win. If I can help you succeed in what God has called you to do, then we all win.”

Pete Henderson is known around CRM as someone with a love and natural affinity for mentoring. In fact, he sees mentoring relationships with younger men as one of his key contributions to God’s Kingdom. So it seemed natural to sit down with him one day and find out why he believes mentoring the next generation is so crucial. Here’s what he has to share on why and how he’s contributing to gospel movements through mentoring.

25 Aug

Sticks, Stones, and Youth on the Streets

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me!"

I can hear this saying being yelled from one student to another on the elementary playground as hurtful words are also hurled back and forth. It’s a phrase said in defense, as a cover, in hope that others won’t notice the tears welling up in their eyes as damaging words sting all the way down to their soul.

I sit in the middle of a group of street youth in my living room. They look haggard and worn from the inside out. We eat pancakes together, sip some coffee, and prepare to eat of God’s Word together to fill our souls.

22 Aug

Joining God in the Chain Reaction of Gospel Movements

Last month Gary Mayes, director of our ChurchNEXT collective, gave a talk about movement thinking at a staff conference in Colorado. Here are some of the highlights from his presentation…

The language of movements is not just another grandiose way of talking about stuff. It’s not a movement to go, “You know, I’ve got five people on my team.” That’s awesome, but it’s actually not a movement. The word “movement” is not a synonym for “really cool”! It’s about the movement of God as he moves in.

Supernatural movements of the gospel, the explosive, game-changing kind, are the result of the supernatural work of God.

18 Aug

Let Your Posting Be Always With Grace: Surviving Facebook in an Election Year

I made the mistake of commenting about the presidential candidates on Facebook. I should have known better, but I couldn’t resist voicing my confusion about how to vote this time around. About a nanosecond after I publicized the post, the comments began to fly. My atheist friend commented, my conservative Christian friend commented, my socialist European friend commented, and a war of words ensued.

15 Aug

What Are Movements? 7 World-Changing Examples from History

Movements are happening all around us. Whether we realize it or not, our lives have all been affected in powerful ways by movements that have occurred throughout humanity's history.

As we press in to understand how major changes take place in the world, and specifically where God has been powerfully at work, it is eye-opening to look at specific movements that have shaped history—both good and bad—and the many ways those movements still touch us today.

11 Aug

The Fish Becomes the Fisher: Why Evangelism and Discipleship Go Together [Video]

"Everybody loves, 'Come follow me.' Because it means we get to hang out with Jesus, right? Walk where he walks. Eat what he eats for breakfast. Front row seats on the big spectacle that is 'Jesus the Messiah!' But when his invitation is joined by a call to make disciples, I can suddenly find my schedule is, unfortunately, a little too squeezed that night." -Darren Prince

Listen in as Darren Prince, one of the leaders of CRM’s order among the poor, shares powerful truths about the Church’s call to make disciples who make disciples. Why? Because Jesus really is compellingly good news.

08 Aug

A Prayer of Commission

I commission you to be an invitation,
inviting people into your messy homes, lives and hearts.
I pray that when you are tired, broken and bored
that the God of comfort would give you the strength
to be a safe harbor, to anchor the weight of injustice. 
08 Aug

Farthest Up the Mountain: InnerCHANGE Ministry Among the Poor in Honduras

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…” (Matthew 25:35)

My wife, Célida, and I are familiar with poverty. I came from a poor background myself and have worked alongside the poor in InnerCHANGE for 20 years. But I’ve never experienced poverty like I see it here in La Guzman.

La Guzman is part of La Nueva Capital, an area of Honduras’s capital notorious for violence and kidnapping. Many Hondurans (including taxi drivers) refuse to go La Nueva Capital. But when Célida and I visited it on our vision trip, we clearly felt God telling us, “This is your place, and these are your people.”

05 Aug

Always an Apostolic, Part 3: Calling in a Local Church

Even though she didn’t call herself apostolic, Diane always had apostolic traits. Apostolic gifting often goes unrecognized. That’s one reason we’re telling Diane’s story here—to shed light on what it looks like to be an apostolic person in real life, no matter what station or season of life you find yourself in. We’ve already seen how apostolic characteristics motivated Diane to push limits and try new things in the corporate world (read part 1), and how apostolic passion fueled her desire to go to the “hard places” as a missionary—places where no one else wanted to go (see part 2). There is one more crucial piece to explore: what apostolic calling looks like in the local church.

03 Aug

Always an Apostolic, Part 2: Calling on the Mission Field

Diane Moss, one of the leaders of InnerCHANGE (CRM’s ministry among the poor), would never have called herself apostolic. But after understanding what apostolic gifting looks like, she saw evidence of it throughout her whole history—even in the part of her story preceding her commitment to Jesus and during years of investing in corporate America (read more in part 1).