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26 Jul

I Am a Child of God: Voices From a Gospel Movement in South Africa [Video]

Established during the apartheid era, Soshanguve is a South African township on the outskirts of Pretoria. With a population of over 400,000, the city is growing quickly and faces many economic and social challenges.

Starting in 2008, two CRM teams moved into Soshanguve and began a ministry of prayer and focused outreach among the youth and young adults. Over the past year, a gospel movement has begun to spread among the youth of the city. Here are some of the voices of that movement… 

20 Jul

Uncovering the Hidden Threads of Your Calling

We spend a lot of time helping people figure out what they want to be when they grow up—and I’m not just talking about the 20 year olds—because we all circle back to that question multiple times over our lifetime. Some would even argue it’s an issue that will naturally emerge every 10–15 years. 

We often approach this from the career angle, but I’m not convinced that the question of what “job” is the best place to start. When people come to us ready for a change in role, we start by helping them to articulate their calling. 

18 Jul

Part of a Bigger Story: Developing Leaders in Málaga, Spain [Video]

Mission: to know our neighbors, to make new disciples of Jesus, and to develop and train them so they can live it out in the world. Our ultimate dream and hope is really to see a movement of God here in this neighborhood that would go throughout Málaga, throughout Spain, and even have a touch and influence in all of Europe...

13 Jul

Finding Your Niche: 3 Types of Apostolic Ministry

Do you feel restless? Do you catch yourself imagining what could happen if there was a widespread movement of God in places of great spiritual need? Do you find yourself drawn to stories of unreached people groups, spiritually void urban areas, or “missions impossible”? Are you someone who refuses to give up on people others call a lost cause because of your deep awareness of God’s love for them?

10 Jul

Now I Have Victory: Testimony From a Sunrise Client [Video]

I come from a city that’s up by the Vietnamese border. When I was eight months old my father wanted to buy some used toys for me to play with. He asked the person to bring the price down because it was expensive, and the person didn’t agree. My father was drunk, and he shot them dead. He shot one person three times. My father took the person’s moto and fled, and when he was near the Vietnamese border he was caught...

07 Jul

Sunrise [Photo Essay]

Sunrise is a Cambodian-led outreach started by InnerCHANGE in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, that provides health and family care to those who are most in need. Along with a treatment center that provides long-term care for critically sick patients, Sunrise staff also provide at-home care and counseling as well as tutoring and educational support for the children of those who are sick.

05 Jul

Sunrise Hospice: The Light of Hope [Video]


Sunrise is a light in the darkness. It seeks out those who have been rejected by society, and cares for them. It comforts and befriends them; tends to their health. It supports the education of their children, and brings them the good news of Jesus.
                  - Darany Hang, Sunrise program director 

29 Jun

Generational Blessing: Building Connections With the Young Adults in Our Lives

We recently moved in order to be closer to our adult kids, and soon after started asking, “How can we be relevant to them?” We knew what to do when we were raising our kids but now they had their own families, their own businesses. What did we have to offer them?

If you are asking questions like these, I want to encourage you that you have a lot to give young adults. Even if you don’t have kids, there are hundreds of young adults that need somebody like you in their lives to pour into them, young adults who need spiritual moms and dads. They need what we can give.

27 Jun

Glimmers of Hope: God's Work in One Corner of Los Angeles [Video]


"I think that when God looks at this neighborhood he feels a lot of compassion toward his people. As I think about it I just sense the depth of pain that’s here, and am reminded of how God heard the groans of the Israelites when they were in slavery, or even in Genesis where it says that the ground cried out with Abel’s blood. God heard it and had to come see justice happen..."

- Alison, InnerCHANGE Los Angeles

23 Jun

Our Culture-Colored Lenses: How Different People See the Gospel

Who comes to mind when you think of your own cross-cultural experiences? Some of you may recall a short-term missions trip and the people you met. Yet often, many of us don’t have to venture very far at all to find ourselves interacting with someone who comes from a culture (quick definition for culture: how we view the world and how we live our lives as a result of that view) other than our own. Seeking to understand cultural differences is helpful not just when going to another country, but also in our everyday lives. We likely encounter people from different cultures—ethnic, generational, or religious—in the workplace, at school, with our neighbors, and even amongst our friends.