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16 Feb

A Different Kind of Security

I was invited to speak
to three hundred or so high schoolers. I was asked to speak on the theme of dwelling/abiding, and more specifically, the safety and security that comes when we make the Lord our dwelling place and he abides with us. Sounds easy enough, right? But let me ask you, when you think of safety and security, what comes to mind? How do you define safety and security?

14 Feb

Building Strong Relationships, Part 2: The Art of Loving Well

Listening and speaking well are foundations for any relationship. Listening is a skill that most of us can continue to grow in. It is to be practiced and developed. My husband, Mark, and I used the structured repeating and reflecting of Reflective Listening for many years as we strengthened those muscles to be able to put aside our personal agenda and walk in the other’s shoes. We have experienced the delicious fruit of listening well and of feeling heard. We still fall back on the structure during conflict, tense times, and when there are deep emotions that we want to make sure we connect with.

09 Feb

Building Strong Relationships: The Art of Listening Well

These listening exercises, learned in the trenches of marriage, can strengthen and deepen any relationship.

My husband, Mark, and I have the best job in the world...or at least we think so. We have the privilege of coming alongside Christian leaders, pastors, and missionaries from all over the world to give support and care for their marriages.

These leaders—serving Jesus, loving people, and taking ground from the enemy and for the Kingdom of God—are our heroes. But the demands of ministry life can be overwhelming. As these servants give themselves away on a regular basis, some important things in life start to take a backseat, including their own families and marriages.

07 Feb

Tough, Tattooed, and Totally Welcome: The Radical Hospitality of a RYFO Host Home

I knew I had found the right place when I saw the cross-shaped emblem above the door. Tammy greeted me with a warm smile and the promise of coffee freshly brewing in the kitchen. I complimented the colorful streaks in her hair, wondering if the touring musicians she constantly served were having an effect on her sense of personal style.

02 Feb

Sometimes You're Speechless

Sometimes You’re Speechless…

There are times when the life of a missionary can be ordinary and boring, just like any other kind of work. (Do people ever write about that part? I should write a book…) But today was not one of those days.

31 Jan

Loving a City Back to Life [Video]

For Craig, running a hotel became a platform to change the culture of a community and impact the lives of the poor, all because he said yes to God's vision. Listen in as he shares the story, or read it below.

28 Jan

Loving the Least: Nadifa's First Day of School


Nadifa (not her real name) was born in a troubled season. She spent her first years of life in a canvas tent in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. At age five, Nadifa got on a plane with her mom and two younger brothers, and arrived in a new and unfamiliar world called Phoenix, Arizona: one with light-switches and microwaves, carpets and vacuum cleaners.

Nadifa’s family was the first to be sponsored through the efforts of CRM staff members Steve and Melissa Hubler, who create pathways for local churches to engage in mission. Through their work, small groups of Christian sponsors “adopt” refugee families, meeting them when they arrive, furnishing apartments for them, staying connected in relationship, and offering practical help in learning to live in a brand new country.

26 Jan

Mission Apprenticeship Opportunity: 40 Days of Justice with SummerXchange

Imagine immersing yourself for 40 days in living out justice and mercy among the poor.

How could your life be changed?

How might your walk with Jesus be different?

How might someone else’s life be blessed as a result?

24 Jan

How Do We Measure Progress in Prayer?

As a teacher, I know I have successfully conveyed an idea to a child when I see “lights” come on in his eyes. Sean can “measure” how well he is equipping Khmer young soccer coaches as he monitors their ability to effectively run a practice. But, what about this thing called “prayer” which is a huge part of my ministry? How do I know we are effective in reaching heaven?

20 Jan

Willing to Risk: Hearing God for the Sake of Others

“For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory.” 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

Bill and I have had the privilege of walking with hundreds of young adults through the years. It’s what we were made for, what we find joy in. We have been equipping young adults for over 30 years, and what we love about it most is to watch God transform them into Kingdom men and women, willing to take risks and obey what Jesus tells them to do.