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24 Apr

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Praying for Gospel Movement [Video]

"Crime is really dropping. Something's going on..."

"Be careful what you pray for, because things seem to happen when you pray..."

Something is happening among believers in the UK: God is stirring people to pray for transformation in their neighborhoods and country, and a network of intercessors with a Kingdom vision is coming together. Gospel movements begin with prayer, and this video chronicles the emergence of one of those movements through the passionate and faithful prayers of God's people in the churches.

20 Apr

Dropping Pearls: Leading Others to Kingdom Treasures

I remember the first time I went geocaching. Some friends invited me and my daughters to join them on several different searches for caches in the area. I had no idea how incredibly fun it would be! The prizes were insignificant really: a tiny plastic toy soldier, a cloth badge, or simply being able to record that we found the cache. But it was the combination of the search together with the unrevealed prize that got my juices moving. I noticed how the kids as well as the adults engaged the hunt with glee.

18 Apr

Listening to Our Neighbors' Stories: One Way to Show God's Love

Our God is a God who cares about the story of each person’s life. Look at the scriptures: much of the book God prepared for us is stories of individual people’s lives. Because God cares about the story of each person, we care also.

13 Apr

Casting Your Nets Wide: The Secret Key to Evangelism

Consider this: People are ready to receive Christ, and are just waiting for someone to explain how, right now!

Does that statement surprise you? We are seeing the reality of that on the streets here in England. More about that in a second.

Jesus talked about this in the gospel of John, chapter 6. It’s a favorite passage of mine because we see Jesus miraculously feed 5,000 people, walk on water, and present the gospel magnificently. Verse 40 says, “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

And then... Jesus gets deserted.

11 Apr

Discipleship Takes Time: Planting the Seeds of Movement in Relationships [Video]

Mariah and Joe aren't two people you would "peg as friends" if you saw them walking down the street, much less family. But as Mariah shared at a CRM On the Move event, the gospel has incredible power to bring unlikely people together. Hear Joe's transformation story by watching the video; then read the following reflection from Mariah on what her relationship with Joe has taught her about making disciples.

06 Apr

Active Learning: Why Discovery Bible Studies Are so Effective at Making Real Disciples

David Sousa, in his research on how the brain learns, observes that we learn best when we're actively involved in the learning process: using our curiosity to discover, sharing what we've discovered with others, and immediately applying what we've learned.

04 Apr

Conversations About Jesus: How Disciple Making Movements Grow from Friendship

Disciple Making Movements (DMM) are really built on relationships.

I recently hung out with a former coworker. She didn’t grow up in the church, but also doesn’t currently have much interest in it. Despite this, we’ve had really candid conversations about God. She seeks to understand, asking “Why do you believe this, or do that.” She’s not really sure if she believes in God.

30 Mar

Journey to Joy: Living Simply in Our Complex World

The simple life is trending.
In our complex world, where option fatigue can paralyze us, living simply has great appeal. Amazon has an increasing number of guides on how to achieve simple living. Long before the current trend, Christians throughout history have modeled a life of simplicity. One example is Saint Francis, who found joy in living a life disentangled from earthly things, but chose to live a life of simple trust, like the birds of the air in Matthew 6.

28 Mar

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together: How to Care for Your Community

We went to South Africa three years ago filled with good intentions to make a difference. We had followed a sense of calling, and our desire to steward our gifts and experiences, and found ourselves living and serving in the township of Soshanguve with an InnerCHANGE team. Together, we were seeking to draw the marginalized into meaningful relationships with their Creator, bring holistic transformation in our community, and follow scripture's injunction "to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God" (Micah 6:8).

23 Mar

Absolute Trust: Falling into God's Arms

It’s silly, I know, to approach a conversation about trust with the proverbial “trust-fall” analogy, but the reason it's so overdone is because it’s just so relatable. We’ve all experienced it: that delighted, nervous squirm after agreeing to give it a try, facing forward without seeing what the person behind you is doing, nerves ratcheting up at the thought of what you’ve just committed to, the tentative count off “three, two, one!”, the first tip backward when you could still catch yourself, and then the swoop in your belly when you lock your knees and pass the point of no return, fully committed to trusting the other person to catch you, and finally, the relief when you feel arms come up under your own, giggling madly at the rush of feeling.